guilty pleasures 

i appreciate and make the most out of any time i get to myself. Being around a toddler 24/7 can take a lot out of me, so i need A DAY or even some hours to myself to unwind and refresh. Here are some of my FAVORITE things to do when my toddler is awaY.

WHATS YOUR FAVORITE THINGS TO DO FOR ME TIME? I would love YOUR TREATS please leave comments. 



 Being with a toddler all day, I just want some adult convesation and sometimes my husband just isn't enough (we just end up talking about her), so I love getting some girl time. Dinner dates with my closest friends means everything, just to escape for a little while and talk about other things besides my childs eating or sleeping habits helps me feel young again. 



I like to give myself a spa day,  weather at home or at the spa. Any kind of self pampering is vital. I love getting facials, there's just something about someone else doing something for you, even if it means washing your face, I always end up having a little snooze (I must have really needed it). I even like to do face masks at home, or a warm bath, and sometimes those long hot showers at the best (yes this is called pampering after you have had a baby!) I also love getting for a haircut or blow dry (again someone else doing something for me, for once!) Anything which I can do in peace and tranquility is just so serene, just thinking about it I am zoning out. A little self love is a divine responsiblity. My husband or friends usually give me spa day gifts which I get super excited about, however if I am in need of a major day to myself and used up those gift cards, then I like to search for them on my own and always go to find deals near where I live on livingsocial and groupon so I don't feel super guilty. 



Lately, I have been only online shopping since I am working constantly and have so much going on, shopping online just makes it easier and convenient (thank god for AMAZON & 2-DAY shipping) however, nothing beats walking through stores and racks full of outfits waiting to be picked by you, so whenever my toddler isn't with me I love shopping alone. There is something about shopping alone that is so soothing, picking up what I want, trying on clothes and deciding for myself without the pressure or a baby grabbing half the hangers to the ground. I JUST LOVE ME TIME!