1st week OF PRE SCHOOL


she is starting school, embarking on a new journey & adventure, making new friends that will she remember forever and becoming as she would call it "a big girl now"!

i was an emotional wreck leading up to her first day, the thought of not having her around, thinking if she will be ok without me, will she miss me? did she eat lunch? will she make friends? what if she pees? so many questions ran through my mind...you would think i couldn't wait to get those few hours to myself, but to be honest she has become my best friend, my entertainment at home, my little joy when im not feeling well, my own personal back masseuse, my morning coffee date, my cuddling on the sofa partner.

that day, after dropping her off and having nothing better to do (my mind could not function when it came to work and had to keep it on pause for a few hours) I came home and googled" how to deal with a toddler going to preschool" and to my surprise i came across a blog that stated about the 5 types of moms you see on the first day of school.

i am EMBARRASSED to say i was all 5!

firstly yes, i am that emotional mother who COULDN't let go and wanted to peek through the windows and cry at the fact that she was so big already, yes, i am that mother who told her "yay,it's the first day of school, so exciting. be a good girl ok, it's going to be so much fun" and then drove off crying and thinking of holding her as a baby in my arms. Yes, I am that mother who had a chalkboard sign made for her to hold up while i snapped away with my camera and polaroid for memories, yes, i am that mother who got there half hour early to make sure she wasn't crying for me & to ask the teacher if she was ok since i was a nervous wreck, and lastly, yes, I was that mother who was so excited that she had an amazing time and she came home and took the longest nap ever! woohoo! 

i researched for hours and days to find a perfect school for her to grow up in, become a better individual, learn the basics of life, make new friends while being surrounded by a learning environment. i was so relieved to find the perfect school for her, montessori of central marin took her with open arms and she fit right in! i fell in love with the montessori method and it seemed just perfect for my already so independent toddler. I ALSO FELL IN LOVE WITHIN THE FIRST WEEK OF her being at SCHOOL,WHEN I OBSERVED HER YOGA CLASS. YES, 3 YEAR OLDS MEDITATING IN A CLASSROOM WITH A YOGA INSTRUCTOR WAS JUST THE CUTEST THING EVER! TO SEE MY LITTLE ONE SIT IN ONE PLACE, doing a cobra pose FOR MORE THAN 1 MINUTE BLEW MY MIND! I WAS AMAZED AND LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!

i am pretty sure every mother who has to go through this has so many emotions, you feel like you just gave birth yesterday, how are they so grown up already? how did they become a mini adult ready to venture out into the world and meet other mini adults?

i just hope & pray for her to always remain as happy as she is and to chase her dreams!

i love you for all that you are...
all that you have been..
and all that you’re yet to be!

a little letter for my daughter

you are an independant, joyful, loving little human being, stay true to yourself & to who you are.

be loving & kind to others.

be sweet & cheerful.

be considerate & caring.  

i hope you always keep the love of exploring & learning, you are doing so well.

i wish you adventure on your journey, may you always stop to help OTHERS ALONG the way.

be kind & respectful to others

Stay that gentle innocent soul that you are.

be honest & be grateful.

keep your head & hands creative.

you have the sweetest smile, so keep smiling. 

always chase your dreams little one, no dream is too big. shoot for the stars!

use your imagination & have fun with it!

say your prayers & see the good in everything. 

act like a lady & twirl in your skirt.

if you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down!

you got this, my super girl!


your number 1 fan & biggest supporter, mummy 


Here’s to strong women;
may we know them,
may we be them,
may we raise them!
— Unknown





let me love you a little more before you’re not little anymore
There are two gifts we should give to our children. One is roots, the other is Wings!
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