Let's go back in time to 16 years ago where I met this ever so funny, brown-eyed, Indian beauty!

My parents had just moved houses, I started a new school, Year 8 (Grade 8). I walked into Mr Jamadi's maths class and was oh so shy...there she sat with her "other friends" and I was always too shy to talk to her. Somehow we managed to be in the same tutor class and became friends instantly...(it's all a big blur) but I personally think we bonded over being "Indian" but she would say it was over "breading my coat, blud!".

Nevertheless, here we are... 16 years later...throughout those 16 years we shared art classes & trIed to aim for that A* in GCSE's, WALKED ALL THE WAY to Monoux college for lunch at the local "chicken shop", ("while the sun shineD on her brown eyes so they appear more brown"-lol) walking her home while being kindly welcomed by her mother for some "chai shai", lots of phone top-ups, eyebrow threading trips on the bus to god knows where, random trips to the "market" and 13 Valentine letters with monkey teddies and random leopArd printed gifts throughout the years we were apart.

She moved to Canada AFTER HIGH SCHOOL, but we made sure to never lose contact. We made sure to try to keep what we had strong and still catch up where we left off, even if it meant seeing each other after almost 10 years over a good old british jacket potato and english breakfast tea!

Simpy (AKA,GAG for me!) is getting married...woohoo...and I couldn't be more excited to see her marry the love of her life & start her new journey as husband & wife. I was honored to be a bridesmaid at the most special & important day of her life. ALL her FRIENDS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD (ESPECIALLY LONDON) FLEW TO TORONTO, CANADA FOR HER WEDDING TO BE PART OF HER SPECIAL DAY...IT WAS HANDS DOWN ONE OF THE MOST FUN WEDDINGS I HAVE EVER BEEN TO AND ALSO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL. sHE was A stunning BRIDE OR SO I CALL HER MY INDIAN DOLL! I LEFT THE WEDDING LISTENING TO "SUIT SUIT KARDA" BY GURU RANDHAWA FOR A WHOLE WEEK STRAIGHT! i can't stop with the punjabi music on MY Playlist AND GOT MY LITTLE ONE TO JOIN IN WITH ME.

it was a beautiful weekend filled with love, laughter, selfies and lots of lightbulb dancing!

I LOVE YOU GAG & wish you and Rajpaul the best...may your life together be full of love...and your love be full of life xo 



There are friends, there is family, then there are freinds that become family.
— fb/the idealist
heres to love & laughter...and happily ever after!
— Unknown
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