Well...this day came and I started off hating it! as iF IT wasn't bad enough, i was turning 28...(eeeek..that age just gives me goosebumps..my mother had a gasp too, she thought i was turning 27...reality hit us both..haha), but My husband wasn't going to be here for it. He originally had a weekend planned for me and since we got marrieD, I have never missed a birthday with him. I always made sure I was in town for my birthday, i just love to spend the day with someone i know i'm going to grow old WITH (CLICHE I KNOW..HAHA..BUT I'M A SENTI AT HEART) But, this weekend, he was so eager to go to the WARRIORS VS CLEAVELAND GAME...in CLEAVELAND! He is a die hard fan, he begged me to come with him as he felt super guilty & even suggested to drive up to Niagara Falls to make it up to me, but I really had no interest in flying 5 hours, driving another 4 hours and then spending my Friday at a stadium with a bunch of his friends and cousins while they scream their heads off, and WOULD much rather be at home getting pampered. So that's exactly what I did! I told him to go...and I will be just fine...it was only for two days anyways..! 

My sister, my little one & I had a fun filled weekend full of pretty pink walls, liQUOrice treats & STRAWBERRY MERINGUE cupcakes TOPPED OFF With mani pedis AT A SUPer COOL NAIL PARLOR IN SF, dinner at a fancy indian fusion restaurant, while ending our night with moroccan mint tea & traditional arabian rose nougat! It was perfect! I haven't spent my birthday with my sister in almost 8 years, so it felt just right...and my husband would have not had the patience to take pictures of me with those ever so difficult to handle balloons & a pink wall. So it all worked out...well not all..the WARRIORS lost that game...sad day for him...but they won the CHAMPIONSHIP! WOOHOO! WIN WIN FOR EVERYONE!

looking forward to many more birthdays with my sister & my doll. 

But time makes you bolder, children get older. I’m getting older too!
— Landslide, Fleetwood Mac
— Unknown

where we went

miette patisserie- pink wall & yummy treats

parlor - mani/ pedis (they do children too)

rooh SF - birthday dinner at indian fusion restaurant

indian spring festival at union square




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