I AM SO LUCKY TO HAVE MY SISTER BACK WITH ME! WE ARE INSEPaRABLE & ONLY ONE YEAR APART. WE HAVE BEEN BY EACH OTHER'S SIDE SINCE BIRTH. for a few years (almost 7 years to be exact) shE USED TO LIVE ACROSS THE WORLD FROM ME, BUT NOW SHE'S IN SAN FRANcisco and only lives a 30 minute drive from me. WE GET TO MEET UP ONCE A WEEK FOR OUR WEEKLY CATCH UPS and some cute sister dates! we also love to keep a lookout for our matching sister moments!


A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost
— Marion Gerretty

'I was lucky to see my sister three times this week, usually it's just once a week, so this week was a little extra special! She stayed over so we can go have a pretty breakfast somewhere, which included touristy things, since she's new to town. We went to sutro baths for her to see the beautiful beach and ocean views, while we had hot chocolate and french toast at louis'. Make sure to snag a corner table if you can, to get the most awesome 360" view of the ocean. we also love a sweet treat, so my sister had suggested this cotton candy milkshake place in berkeley, she couldn't wait to take amira there to see her reaction to there delicious fun treats!

we also got to see each other over the weekend for her sister in law's baby brunch in napa. keep a lookout to see what we get up to next week!


sutro baths - louis'

Endless summer sweets

napa- auberge de soleil

tilden park

bartavelle coffee & roasters