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My name is Hanifa Malam. A british born fashion designer, currently living in San Francisco, California.

So excited to have you here to join me on my day to day life with my toddler, mommy world, my weekend adventures & a few sneaked in date nights with my love. Here you will get a more deeper insight of my life, my favorite things such as fashion & beauty, toddler trends, some mummy tips & tricks, travel & lots of coffee!

MALAANA? What does it mean and where does it come from? Well, Malaana is actually mine & my husbands last names combined, with our little daughters first initial in the middle.

MAL (Malam) A- (Amira) ANA : (Nana)

I studied Fashion Design at FIDM in San Francisco, and named my final portfolio, designs and brand name MALANA, this was before our little girl was in the picture and it so worked out her initial just snuck in there perfectly!

Thank you for your love & support.

Enjoy! XO Yours Truly, Hanifa

I will make everything around me beautiful, and that will be my life
— Elsie de Wolfe